One of the most important things for those who work with multiple programs and windows open at the same time, is the screen space. There are several ways in which we can take better advantage of this, and the most obvious are to increase the size of our monitor and its resolution as far as the budget reaches us.

AquaSnap improves window management in Windows, especially with multiple or 4K monitorsThe others depend on the operating system and its management of windows. Windows 10 has done wonders with this, especially when compared to older versions of the Microsoft operating system. Windows Aero Snap lets us move and anchor windows side by side with simple keyboard shortcuts to organize our work area, but if you want to raise these features to the next level, you can try AquaSnap.

AquaSnap is a window manager compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. The program at a glance allows us to do with Windows everything that Windows 10 already allows, it is a way to bring those features to previous versions of the system. But, it also adds extra features that make window management even more comfortable.

Like Aero Snap, with this tool you can drag windows on each side of the screen and they will be resized automatically to fill half or a quarter of the screen. If you press the CTRL key you can resize all the windows at once , something that Windows 10 only lets you do with two windows at the same time.

Something that has AquaSnap that does not offer Aero Snap, is that basically makes the windows behave as if they were magnetic, that is to say that when you get closer to one another, you stick easily so you do not waste space on the desk. Another thing you can do with the windows, is to stretch them automatically towards any edge of the screen and in any proportion, not only towards the 4 corners.

AquaSnap also lets you move group of windows that are stuck to each other, or make a window always stay on the others, whatever. The program has an immensity of keyboard shortcuts and extra functions when clicking on the windows that you can combine and modify to your liking.

The program has a completely free version that offers most basic functions, but to take advantage of some of the most interesting things and support for multiple monitors, you must buy a standard license that costs 18 dollars, but at least it is for life.