If there is something left on the web, there are resources to learn about anything. In the case of languages, such a popular topic is one where we find not only multiple applications and services, but they also implement novel and interesting methods that are very far from the classrooms that many of us know.

Caterpillar , a cross-platform app that helps you learn a language while watching your favorite movieSimilar to Fleex, an application to help you learn languages by watching Netflix, we now have the newly launched Caterpillar, a somewhat more sophisticated tool that technically lets you turn any video into a language course.

Caterpillar is an application available for Windows and macOS for free. What it does is use a video and its subtitles to create a “course” in the language they speak. You can use a movie that you have stored on your computer, or any other video. You can also use some TED chat from the online suggestions offered by the app.

The application divides the video into different segments that you can repeat as many times as you need and at different speeds. This is so that you listen to the pronunciation and repeat it in detail, in fact you can record yourself saying the words of the video until you feel comfortable with your progress.

You can also try to write what you hear and the application will tell you if it is correct or not. You can translate each phrase or word into different languages with the built-in translator. Basically you can squeeze the full potential of listening to a video in another language, instead of just watching passively.

Although Caterpillar is free, the app has limitations if you do not pay for a license. For example, you have a constant message to update to the paid version, and you can only use one video at a time and one segment per video. The license costs $ 99 in a single lifetime payment with subsequent free updates.