Who does not like his stupid and sensual dark mode in an application ?. When our eyes get tired of all the white we usually see on the screen, it is good to have the option to change the interface for something less bright, and this is how many applications and websites have added that dark theme to their platforms.

YouTube added a dark mode recently, we explained how to activate the dark theme in Windows 10 and most of its applications , but there are many others in which the option does not exist or you had not heard. This is where we can thank the help of Dark Mode List.

Dark Mode List was created by Andrey Azimov , a Ukrainian developer who uses many apps in that dark mode, and when he tried to find a list where he could find instructions on how to activate the dark theme in other applications , he found nothing, so he decided to create a the same.

Ways to activate dark mode in Google, Gmail, Facebook, MacOS, Slack, GitHub, Twitter, Trello, Telegram, Messenger, Skype, Reddit and many more.

Currently has a list of 40 applications and sites that have a dark mode or that have third-party tools to activate a dark mode in some way.

The list includes simple instructions or links to websites with detailed instructions on how to activate the mode. Some are links to topics or tools that allow you to do so. And, there is always the possibility of adding more, and you can suggest one of your favorites if you do not find it in the list.