For some time several initiatives have been trying to reinvent the way email works. The idea of turning your inbox into a to-do list is not new, and that of turning it into a board that uses the Trean-like kanban method, either.

We’ve talked before about things like Drag, an extension for Chrome that does just that. And, this time we want to talk about Flow-e, an application that applies a similar technique to Gmail and also to Outlook.

Flow-e treats your emails as tasks without having to leave Gmail or Outlook. The changes you make within Flow-e are also made in the mail services, but making it clear that they do not store your data.

Flow-e is similar to Trello in that it organizes everything into three main columns: what needs to be done, what is being done and what is done. At the beginning you will see those three, but you can always customize and add more as you need.

Each email is a task, and you just have to drag from one column to another within your board. You can add expiration dates to each task or email, and in the lower part you will see a timeline that indicates the pending days.

The application also adds a dynamic calendar to your inbox, you can group conversations by topic, add dates and reminders, assign and track emails from contacts, that is, everything you can do in a basic task app.

This service works from the web on the desktop and mobile, but at the moment it does not have applications for iOS or Android, nor does it have support for multiple accounts. Now, Flow-e is not free, but they let you try the service for 30 days and decide if it’s worth paying the $ 9 a month it costs.