Google has updated its music service in streaming with a new series of features more than interesting. The new Google Play Music uses machine learning(machine learning) to discover the type of music you like and then mixed with data such as your location, activity, and even the state of the weather so that you can create a playlist completely customized Depending on where you are and what you are doing.

Google Play Music now uses artificial intelligence to recommend music for what you doThe application will now take advantage of the enormous amount of tools that Google products have to better understand your world and choose the best music depending on the occasion. Google Photos and obtains information for your images that allow you to create photo albums and label them according to what appears in them and where they were taken, Google Play Music will use the data that the company collects about you to recommend the perfect music.

The feature is opt-in, i.e. can accept or not to participate in it. After all, it sounds pretty close to that Google is going to “spy on” to know the music you like. However, if you already use Google Now, or Maps, or the same Photos, location services and weather reporting are nothing new that you have never shared with the company.

Personal DJ and offline playlists

In addition to its new recommendations powered by artificial intelligence, Google Play Music also now has a new customized startup screen. In this will always appear the music that interests you, whether new releases of your favorite artists, the playlists you hear most in certain places, or music of a new singer you just became an admirer.

Another interesting thing is that Play Music now create a playlist offline based on what you’ve recently heard , this will automatically so you always have something to listen to in the application even if you run out of Internet connection and you forgot lower Songs for such an occasion. You will know how big that playlist is and that so much space would occupy in your smartphone, something of special importance for those who always run out of free space on their phones.

The new Google Play Music will begin to reach the 62 countries where service is available this week. You can expect the update in Andriod, iOS and the web.