For many young people today, the mobile is a fundamental part of their daily lives. This generation connected to the mobile is known as the Millennials, and spend most of their leisure time spent on the Internet , that is accessed mostly through their mobile devices.

What are the Millennials?

Thanks to a study by My. com, we now know more about the habits of young people who are part of this generation. This is one of the few studies that offers detailed information about the habits of users between 13 and 24 years. These young people will decide the direction of Internet services in the coming years, so they are a part of the population key to understanding and predicting the path to take Internet over the next 10 years, as well as all Internet – related services.

How are the Millennials, young people connected to the mobileAccording to the results of this study, 55% of these users spend 4 or more hours a day using mobile Internet. If you look at the next step of age, between 25 and 54 years, only 20% of users come to realize this as intensive use.

The Millennial generation identifies Internet connection with leisure time . The 90%claims to have and be friends with smartphones and 41% with tablets. If we go to a higher echelon of age, users are keener tablets, 51%. Millennials prefer, definitely, your mobile phone to be connected.

The social networks are the main place where Millennials spend their time. Every day, the71% of people under 25 years use my social media . However, in this aspect, the older generation follows them closely; 60% of users between 25 and 54 use social networks daily.

As for platforms, surprising to learn that the Millennial generation has made iOS your favorite operating system by 42%. It is most popular among the generation aged 13 to 24 years. If we look at the generation between 24 and 54 years, this percentage drops to 31%.

A curiosity; the music is not now heard on specialized devices. Phones and tablets have taken their place for future generations. Millennials identify your phone as your favorite time to listen to your favorite music device. Between 13 and 22 years use mobile phones to listen to music twice that of any other section later age. As for issues related to security, if you want to steal the passwords of a person over 41 years, is likely to You are looking for you to succeed if written on paper near your personal computer. If you want to do the same with a Millennial you’ll get much more difficult as they memorize all your passwords.

The conclusions are clear: the habits of the Millennial generation are definitely mobile .They use their time in apps, social networking, instant messaging applications, and are much more active online than we imagined. Spend twice as long as previous generation mobile entertainment.