One of the easiest ways we can become the victims of an attack on the web is to simply click where we should not. We constantly read about tips for safe browsing and avoid being infected with malware, they sell us a lot of security products that ensure that we protect ourselves at all times, and yet if we open a dangerous URL without realizing it, none of this will final.

How to check the security of a shortened URL before clicking on itIn an Internet full of shortened links and promises of content that are often not what is promised , it is a good idea to be suspicious and if we are not sure where that click will take us, or we do not, or at least we first find out what There is behind it. It is here where a website like Unshorten becomes extremely useful.

To find out what is behind the world’s, and anything that is almost impossible to pronounce because it has no vocals, we can use the free and simple service of Unshorten that URL!

This web analyzes the URL, (sorry for that word invented), and verifies if it is a safe place before you decide if you are going to proceed to it. In addition to telling you which address points to the shortened link you hit on your browser, shows you the title of the page, the tags that describe it and a screenshot of how it looks.

Unshorten uses the security ranges provided by Web of Trust and will send you an alert if the site you want to access is blacklisted and is dangerous. In conclusion, this page is something that you may want to add to your favorites to always have at hand.