Two months and a few days after the announcement , iA Writer for Windows is available for download . The executable can be downloaded from the editor’s page or from this direct link released this afternoon by iA Inc. on your Twitter account. “Finally, iA Writer for Windows is available for download, you can get your trial version here,” they said.

Since the introduction of iA Writer for Mac, there have been numerous requests for a version of the popular minimalist text editor for Windows. However, it did not arrive . “Knowing how difficult it is to design and code for Android, with its 50,000 different devices, we have avoided for a long time the creation of Windows applications,” said a couple of months ago those responsible.

“We have avoided the creation of Windows applications for a long time”

The intensification of the requests and the initiative of a Windows developer with a lot of experience in the creation of writing applications made them take the leap. At the end of December they announced that the version for the operating system of Microsoft reached the beta phase and that after Christmas it was going to be put in Kickstarter, as it was . The reason? The need for “much polishing and many tests” to adapt well, obtaining “more room to breathe” and the possibility of adding features not initially contemplated, explained.

iA Writer for Windows arrives in trial version; the license will cost $ 19.99

We have already downloaded the trial version of iA Writer for Windows and it is just as they announced it to us. The installation lasts only a few minutes and the minimalist text editor is as expected. Except for the new text folding feature, the ability to compress and expand text chapters with one click is seen and functions as the first iA Writer for Mac .

This version allows us to make use of the iA program without any apparent limitations beyond the 14 days that we are given test . As we can see in the upper capture, a window will welcome us to the test indicating the days that we will have to use the editor and its price: $ 19.99. Identical to the one in the Mac App Store .

Although no further details have been provided, it is assumed that once the trial period is over the application can not be used in any way unless the license is acquired. It will work on Windows 7, 8 and 10 .