Mailbutler is a plugin for the mail client of macOS and also for the Gmail webmail that adds a long list of useful features that neither of them possesses, such as tracking emails, sending later, reminders and task lists, etc.

It is a very powerful complement that offers multiple improvements to your email client and saves you from installing or using more than one third-party service that does only one or two things that Mailbutler offers.

The wizard offers support for Gmail through an extension for Chrome , and for Apple Mail with this plugin that is integrated into the Mac application. Some of the basic functions of Mailbutler and Gmail have them, such as undoing, but for the Apple mail is like an envoy from the sky , the one that uses macOS knows that the Mail app is pretty short.

Tracking and programming of emails, signatures and templates, contact details, notes, task lists and avatars

Mailbutler lets you schedule the sending of emails and track the emails you send to know when the recipient has opened the message you sent.

One of my favorite functions is that Mailbutler adds a button at the top of the message to delete a subscription, in case the email is a bulletin or insufferable social notification.

It also has message templates and signatures, you can create notes and reminders within the same mail clients without having to go to another app, Mailbutler also adds avatars to senders and a contact information panel.

Another interesting feature is to add tasks to your emails , as reminders of things to do that you can keep private or share with your contacts or teams.

In addition to all accounts with a board on the web that allows you to manage all your Mailbutler preferences and shows you all your activity, ie, tracked or scheduled messages, which you have saved for later, etc.

The most basic functions can be used for free without limits , however some of the best features are paid , such as tracking and email programming.

However, Mailbutler also lets you use all its premium features for free, only with a limit of 30 shares per month . If you need more, you should consider the subscription of 7.95 euros per month, or 6.95 if you pay it yearly.