The upcoming iPad Mini 4 is rumoured to feature Split View, which was introduced to the iPad with the release of iOS 9. This will allow users to have two apps running alongside one another. If these rumours are true, it would suggest that the specifications of the iPad Mini 4 will be on the same level as the iPad Air 2.

The new feature will give users the ability to multitask for the first time on Apple’s smallest tablet. Previously, the technology was limited to the iPad 2 as none of Apple’s other tablets had hardware capable of supporting Split View. The release of the new multitasking feature on the Mini 4 would suggest that the new tablet has A8X chip, as the previous A7 chip is not powerful enough to support iOS 9. This will give the latest iPad a colossal 2GB of RAM.

New iPad to be most powerful Apple tablet yet

When the previous iPad Mini was released last year, it included few major distinctions from its predecessor. The 3rd generation of iPad Mini was available in gold and incorporated Apple’s latest Touch ID, but other than that, it was virtually indistinguishable from the iPad Mini 2. This makes the likelihood of a significant hardware update quite probable for the upcoming iPad Mini 4.