Torrents is a complex sector within the P2P world, and is dominated by such a large number of trackers and groups as Pirate Bay, YIFY or EZTV, that it can often be a little tricky to perform global content searches without the need to go one by one looking for this or that document.

But this seems to be changing, and more and more webs allow us to search multiple trackers at once, becoming search engines very similar to Google, but dedicated exclusively to the tracking of torrents. Today we bring you a short list with which we have considered seven of the best websites for this type of searches.

Seven searchers who want to be the Google of the torrentsStrike

Despite being one of the last to arrive, Strike has quickly positioned itself as the future of torrent search engines thanks to its simple interface and its enormous power to search all public trackers using the DHT distribution system, which at being decentralized does not depend on servers to work.

Although only 20 days ago that the creator of this web presented its search in Reddit, in its few days of life Strike has already given time to receive DDoS attacks and to have problems with the hostings, reason why it has stopped to host any type of content in its servers, happening to make that the content is generated dynamically in our browser.

Torrent Finder

Torrent Finder is possibly another of the most complete search engines that we can find in the network, since it not only includes as sources for your searches an enormous amount of trackers, but it leaves us to choose which of them we want to include in our searches so that we are free to remove from the middle those we least like.

It also has a tab to include our identification data in some private trackers to include in the searches, as well as a small form so that the owners of any web of torrents can include it in the algorithm of the search engine.

Torrent Meta Search

The concept of Torrent Meta Search is very similar to that of Torrent Finder, but instead of wishing to include as many searchers and search engines as possible, it limits itself to using only the six most popular of the network : The Pirate Bay, Torrent Project, Kickass, Torrent Box, BT Scene and Bit Snoop.

To avoid any legal problem, this search engine neither hosts torrents nor uses magnets, simply shows us in its results the links to the content within the websin which it looks, as well as useful information such as the estimated time that will take the download or if the source is verified.


Torrentz is another of the great and most popular torrent search engines. Among its sources we find some thirty webs and trackers of the weight of The Pirate Bay, KickAss and IsoHunt, which assures us the success in finding all the content that we want.

Torrentz has also decided to keep their backs by not hosting any files or magnet links, simply simply taking us to the websites where the content is available, although it does include its own system so that users can check the quality of the links.

Torrent Project

Torrent Project also seeks to offer maximum simplicity and cleanness in its interface, while searching over three hundred public trackers. This project instead does risk hosting torrents and showing magnet links to offer its users all the content they seek without having to send them anywhere else.

As a complement, and as other websites do, Torrent Project also offers its users the ability to rate each link as real or fake, and comment what you think the content that has been downloaded.


Another powerful search engine that tries to make a hole in addition to the trend of clean and simple interfaces. With more than 24 million torrents taken from 369 different websites, it is another alternative to take into account for those who want a search engine that houses torrents and magnets, and which does not lack any option.

Bit Che

But if you do not want to depend on webs that at the least thought could be censored or closed, we also have a curious alternative that is presented as a torrent finder that we can download and install on our own computer.

Once installed and executed, the program works just like any other search engine on the list, and in the results it offers, it will give us the option to open the sources in our browser, save the torrent files or open them directly with our favorite client.