Feedly is undoubtedly one of the most popular feed readers of today, and also one of the best and most complete. For many it is considered the main heir of Google Reader, but the truth is that it offers much more, and now with its new features they want to make reading easier and more interesting.

Boards, notes and highlights are the latest news in Feedly. All three are designed to help you organize stories and highlight the information that most interests you in the huge flow of content that often invades our feed reader.

The boards

The boards are available for all Feedly plans, both free and paid. However, Basic plan users can only create three boards in their account, to have unlimited boards you must pay for a Pro or team subscription.

Think of the boards as drawers in which to keep items of a particular theme that you are interested in having on hand to read later, as a reference or to share with friends or colleagues.

When you open a story in Feedly you will now have a new button in the shape of a star. By pressing it you will have to create your first board, simply write a name for it and that’s it. The boards appear in the side menu below your feed list.

When you want to add a story to a board you will have several options. You can do it within the articles of your feeds in Feedly, but you can also add an external URL using the same star button on the board.

The other option is to use the new extension for Chrome Save to Feedly Board, also available for Safari and Firefox. This adds a button with the same star icon to the toolbar of your browser, when you press it within any web page, you can directly add the item to your Feedly boards.

Feedly Teams users have several additional options , and it is the possibility to share boards with an entire team. This also includes highlights and notes. They also have integration with Slack, they can send newsletters to the team with the items that the team has saved on a board, and also integration with Buffer to send the posts stored on a board to the social network.

Notes and highlights

Unfortunately these two features are not available to users of the Basic plan, meaning that only those who pay for Feedly can enjoy them. The notes and highlights are just that, the option to add notes within an article saved in Feedly, or to highlight specific portions of text.

If you are a free user and you try to highlight text in an article, you will immediately be taken to the Feedly payment plan page. Both notes and highlights can be shared with members of a team if you use Feedly Teams.

The notes appear at the beginning of the stories and indicate by whom they were created. The notes can be edited, and you can add all the additional notes you want. They do not appear one below the other, but they are paged.

In the notes you can mention other people in a note by adding a “+” symbol before your email, and Feedly will send you an email notifying with a link to the story.

As these functions are also integrated with the Feedly bot for Slack, you can mention teammates within a note and you will receive a notification in the chat app.

New functions for adding boards, notes and highlights are also available in applications for iOS and Android.