During the last years and in full technological development, the musical streaming has become one of the big bets ; A market in which, however, there is a clear favorite: Spotify. An application that has not hesitated to opt for the customization of the content and that during this 2016 has decided to launch new sections – such as Radar or family playlists – that allow us to discover music according to our tastes.

Spotalike, or how to create playlists on Spotify with songs similar to our favoritesThese options, however, are not unique in squeezing the utility to the maximum, but there are other external applications that will let you find songs very similar to your favorites and export them directly to the platform. This is the case of Spotalike . But let’s see how it works in more detail.

How Spotalike works

Created by the Swedish Osynling.se and by the hand of the technology of last.fm, Spotalike is very simple to use. Simply access the website and you will automatically have the option to search the box enabled, without needing to register or write any personal data. To do this, enter the name of the song whose “twins” you want to find or choose the name of the artist.

Thereafter , the system will suggest several possibilities . And when you select a particular one, it will be when you start looking for those songs that look the most like to create a custom playlist that, of course, includes songs from several groups. You can export it directly to Spotify by simply clicking the “add to Spotify” button at the top”, which also includes data about the duration of the resulting playlist.

In short, a performance very similar to that offered by Spotify when we puncture a particular artist and suggests to us those he considers to be e; But much more agile and automated. Something very similar to the weekly recommendations too, although more concrete.

Finally, we must comment that this tool is still in the testing phase, and that its origins go back to 2011; A condition that could imply the inclusion of certain improvements in the not too distant future and of which we will inform them. In fact, we have detected that it shows certain errors by displaying the picture of the disc to which each song belongs.