There are only a few days until the end of 2017, and to continue with our compilations of the best of the year it is time to talk about the best extensions that we found during the last 12 months for the trio of browsers with the greatest selection.

Here you will not find ultra popular and super popular extensions that you used for years or without which you can not live. We have selected the majority because they are relatively new or unknown but they are definitely worth it.

Some work with just one browser, and others with all three. But it is also important to remember that if you use Opera, you can always install any extension for Chrome in that browser without problems.

We have also selected some Firefox exclusives, but if you want more, you can look at our list of the best ones that work with Quantum.


From ShareAccount we talk in October, the tool to share your Netflix account or whatever without having to give your password. It’s an extension for Google Chrome.


From Taskade we talked in March, it is a nice and minimalist task manager to add to the new tab page of Chrome or Firefox. It has received several updates throughout the year and is becoming more complete, as well as beautiful.

Dictionary (Google ™ Translate) Anywhere

The best possible extension of translation for Firefox. It is perfect for translating any text or word without having to leave the current tab.

Swift Selection Search

You did not know you needed it and once you start using it it will be a one way trip. SSS creates a pop-up menu when you select text with multiple options besides copying, including search in different engines.


Dittach is an extension for Chrome that helps you find and manage all the attachments that live in your Gmail email, have been received or sent by you. And it has an excellent interface.

Chrome IG Story

Chrome IG Story is a small extension for a very specific need, to see the Instagram stories of others anonymously. It is also almost a Instagran mini client in the Chrome toolbar.


SubWatch is one of my absolute favorites of the year and of life. It is the companion idea to know when new episodes of your favorite series come out and also offers you torrents links to download them.

Bandwidth Hero

Bandwidth Hero is a very useful tool when we use very slow connections or with limited data, what it does is compress the images of the webs you visit to save data , and it works on HTTPS pages.

All Tabs

All Tabs is an extension for Chrome that will help you manage all your tabs and save memory in the process. It has a style similar to OneTab but with more options to organize the tabs saved or in “rest”.

Black Menu for Google

Black Menu is that perfect extension for those who use too many Google services. What it does is add a button to the browser that displays a floating menu with shortcuts to Gmail, YouTube, Drive, Calendar, etc.


With Papier for Chrome you get a simple and minimalist notebook every time you open a new tab in the browser. It is clean, free from distractions and supports keyboard shortcuts.

Apps Launcher

Apps Launcher is the perfect extension for those who miss the launches of Chrome applications that Google left in the oblivion and ended up eliminating from the browser.

Enhanced History

Enhanced History is an extension for Chrome that significantly improves browsing history, with many more data, functions and certainly a better interface than we have by default.


With this extension you can customize the appearance of any website you visit . Stylish is not a new tool, but it is getting better and easier to use, it is compatible with Firefox Quantum.