Linux has been counting on a number of interesting video editors who have tried to match their presence in the multimedia market with other platforms. One of the best known is Openshot, which takes time counting on the favor of users, while for more professional environments there are other alternatives such as Cinelerra, a kind of “Open Source clone” of Adobe Premiere.

The Kdenlive video editor comes to Windows in its new versionsHowever, in this article we are going to talk about another equally valid editor who has been accompanying the Linux users for some time. We refer to the Kdenlive editor, which with its new versions adds Windows to the list of supported operating systems. It was already available for Mac, although according to those responsible those versions are outdated.

For now the port that has been released with support for Windows is a trial version. However, that does not mean that it goes short of functionalities: the users of the operating system of Microsoft will have the same characteristics that the users of Linux, with the same transitions and the same effects.

In addition to these more striking features, audiovisual analysis tools such as histograms, meters and audio, waveform analyzers, vectorscopes and a configurable interface that allows you to redistribute everything to the user’s taste and need are also included.

Kdenlive can be downloaded from this link, and does not need installation : just unzip the ZIP file that is obtained from the servers. Now, to make it work you have to do some additional steps:

  • First, download FFmpeg 64 bit and unzip it.
  • From the unzipped folder, copy the bin directories and presets to the folder where we have installed Kdenlive.

Once we have done this, it will be necessary to open the program, close it and reopen it, and that will be enough. It is worth remembering that this release for Windows is still a test version that can be quite unstable, so if you dare to try it we recommend patience.