The applications to make screenshots and even record what we do on our desktop are quite common and popular among users. We have dedicated space previously, as alternatives to the Windows Cutouts application that they are. We have even talked about extensions for the browser that allow us to do the same.

In this article we are going to deal with another similar program, called Icecream Screen Recorder, a way to capture our desktop with a wider range of features than the default Windows application. And you can not only make an image of what is on your screen, but you can also record a video that you can later use, for example, in a videotutorial.

The screen capture options of Icecream Screen Recorder do not remain only in the full screen, windows, and rectangles. You can also capture a fixed-size rectanglearound your mouse cursor, which can be very useful when you need to focus on a particular part of the screen.

As for the recordings, they can be started and stopped with a click or with a custom keyboard shortcut. The program can pick up audio directly from your microphone or the stereo mix of the system, and you can also record video from your webcam.

The software also has a screen drawing feature. You can highlight a specific area of ​​the screen if you are talking about it, add color, draw freehand and even add shapes and texts.

The videos that you record will not only be saved in the destination folder, but will be displayed in a historical list with all the ones you have made up to that moment. You can preview them with one click, copy them to the clipboard and even upload them to YouTube.

Now it is worth noting that there is a free version and a paid version. The free one has a video recording restriction of five minutes, and one in the output format limited to WEBM files.

The paid version without limitations costs 29.95 euros and, among other things, allows you to program the recording of the screen or add watermarks. Another of its advantages is a lifetime license for personal or commercial use on up to two computers.