Most computer users end up not understand the intricacies of maintaining it or what things should tinkering to keep ‘fit’. However, certain actions in a timely manner can protect the PC and extend its life. So let’s see tips on maintenance, so you know where to be set to bring it about.

Key on computer maintenance

For a computer maintenance right, you should bear in mind the following tips…

Tips on maintaining computerUpdate drivers: The first thing to be noted is that you have to download them from the official websites to spare greater evils than a simple update. It is important this point because drivers work for the operating system to recognize the devices we have and allow us to work with them.

Updating the operating system: The operating system you manage PC resources and is the most important computer program because without it no other programs work. If you do not keep up to date we can find incompatibility problems or viruses.

Eliminates unnecessary software: Sometimes accumulated programs that we do not need, maybe we download or install at a certain time in which we themselves were useful and forget rid of them later. These programs take up space and being forgotten can cause problems and incompatibilities, especially if the software runs automatically at system startup.

Clean the keyboard, screen and mouse occasionally: Using these objects or disuse causes dust to accumulate (or bits of food if you eat with your computer). This can damage the proper functioning of these tools and complicate the work. Therefore it becomes necessary to disassemble and clean them sometimes and leave them as the jets of gold.

Use UPS: UPS is an uninterruptible power shaped device that provides electrical power for a short period of time machines to which it is connected. A power outage or blackout can permanently damage your computer and is something we cannot predict or control. For the UPS continue to give power to the PC to give us time to shut down the system properly and prevent damage. Undoubtedly, where the use of this device becomes more imperative is in offices.

Back up: Sometimes failures or problems occur in the computer that cannot be controlled as theft or hard drive is broken. To be prepared in case these situations have to create us give backups, if you decide to put it on an external hard drive must be protected from possible theft if we come to steal home.

What do you think these tips for keeping your computer?