No fault: as a co-worker, family member or neighbor learn that you are good at technology, you become their computer technician header. And this often involves having to make visits to their houses or offices, to see what the last hurdle they have done to their computer, and above all, to see how you can solve it.

In this case, it is very practical to have a toolkit that can help solve various problems with a computer. Remove virus or spyware, uninstall any stubborn application, making cleaning useless files … for all accounts, accounts with portable applications that can be comfortably worn anywhere on a USB stick.

It would be a bit like the equivalent of the toolbox of a plumber or an electrician, but in software version. With these utilities you can solve the most common problems of any user who can ask for help. So look for a flash drive that you have at home without installing, downloading these utilities and make them your own kit computer first aid.

USB to the rescue! Apps to create a computer first aid kit on a pendriveClamWin

ClamWin is an open source antivirus with a high percentage of virus detection and spyware. Its portable version can be used from a USB memory to analyze the files of the computer to which it is connected. Remember, yes, you will have to update the virus database manually before starting the scan.

The program is very simple aspect, and has various configuration options with which to modify the type of analysis, decide what to do with the infected items or exclude certain files from the analysis, either by size by name or extension.

Spybot – Search & Destroy

In addition to viruses, other computers recurring problem is the presence of spywware. To fight them from a USB drive you can use the portable version of the popular tool Spybot – Search & Destroy.

It is as easy as running it and launching a system scan, or scanning just one specific file. If you want to access more configuration options, you can activate the “Power User Mode” in the lower left corner of the interface. In this mode, among other things, you will have access to a utility to detect and eliminate rootkits.


SUPERAntiSpyware is another antispyware tool that can detect and remove a wide variety of caused by malware infections, and its portable version, do it comfortably from a USB flash drive. This program analyzes hard disks, removable drives, memory and the Windows Registry.

As usual with portable applications, does not include real – time protection nor is automatically updated, so you ‘ll need to update your database by hand before proceed to escalop, to have the latest version.

ZSoft Uninstaller

Sometimes the problem is not a virus or spyware, but after years of use and dozens of programs installed, the system becomes slow and unstable. And in these cases it is not more to do a little cleaning with a tool like ZSoft Uninstaller, which can also carry in your USB.

ZSoft Uninstaller not only helps you to uninstall software from your computer, but also that charge no remaining rest after elimination of the program in question. You can also clean the list of programs configured to boot to the PC, delete temporary files, and find and delete empty folders.


Speaking of folders, sometimes the problem is precisely the lack of space. And one of the handiest utilities on how it is distributed space on the hard disk, and which folders are occupying more space is Stuffit. It’s free, portable and visually appealing.

Through a structure animated pictures whose size corresponds to the folder they represent, have a very clear idea of how space is distributed on disk, and can easily detect those elements that are consuming more GB (and ask yourself if you really need).

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

And positions to correct a problem with the computer of a family member or friend, you may want to change any aspect or functionality of it to better suit the needs and tastes of the user. With Ultimate Windows Tweaker you can do it easily.

This portable utility lets you customize some details of Windows File Explorer and the Start menu, manage account control, and modify some options regarding the performance and safety of the system. In addition, you also have a special version for Windows 10.


Finally, another utility that can come in handy at a time of “computer trouble” is Toucan, with which you can make a backup of the most important documents from your computer (provided it is not too late).

Toucan allows backups with multiple configuration options and filtering by type of file, including data encryption features and is very easy to use. And all this, in addition, in an application that you can run from a USB stick.

The only downside is that Toucan is now in development. If you prefer to use a newer option, you can choose to jābūt also free and also with portable version.