In the world of Linux distributions there is for all tastes and colors, but when we use something because we need it instead of because we simply want it, some functions become more than vital. Most operating systems include a good number of accessibility functions for the blind or visually impaired , in others you have to install them by hand.

Vinux, the Linux distro special for the blind or visually impaired releases new versionVinux is a Linux distro designed especially for people with this type of needs, it is based on Ubuntu and just a few days ago they released their latest stable version: Vinux 5.1 based on Ubuntu Trusty 14.04.5 LTS.

Vinux is not a new distribution, it has been offering a complete and ready solution for its users for many years. It was originally developed in 2008 at the Royal National College for the Blind, a university for the blind or visually impaired located in the city of Hereford in the United Kingdom.

Its aim is very simple, that of facilitating the use of a computer to those who have great deficiencies in their visual acuity or who are completely blind. For this it includes by default the reader and magnifying glass for the Orca text that welcomes you as soon as you start the image of Vinux in the computer and that allows to navigate through the graphical environment using the keyboard.

Vinux has a second screen reader and also supports Braille, and includes a suite of accessible applications. Since version 5.0 Vinux images come with Unity Gnome-Shell or Mate as desktop environments. The distro is available in a single ISO compatible with i386 and AMD64 architectures.

All the Vinux tools can be perfectly installed in Ubuntu and derived thanks to the public repository they offer. On their wiki they offer tutorials with step-by-step instructions to perform a wide variety of tasks, and also recommend other distributions designed for the blind or visually impaired.