The virtualization stands as one of the most effective solutions reduce equipment costs in IT infrastructure, enabling continuity and upward trend of business in an increasingly competitive market.

One of the most important priorities for a considerable percentage of existing companies is regarding avoid the high costs that can bring the IT infrastructure and operations developed by the company. These costs represent the not inconsiderable 60% of total expenditure on information technology.

You can help yourself to a series of actions to minimize them. For example, you can defer in time initiatives not critical optimization and reduce power requirements and cooling, contain storage growth, streamline IT operations, improve the management of IT assets, optimize multisourcing and, as specified in previous lines, virtualize the IT infrastructure.

Virtualization to reduce IT infrastructure costsVirtualize the IT infrastructure, an economic and efficient solution

Said virtualization of operating systems, servers and networks play an essential role for both system administrators and for computer security experts. In the case of the former, virtualization offers the ideal tool for separating some other services and strengthens their security, since if a hacker compromises the service will not have access to the entire system. From the perspective of ethical hacking, this solution will create virtual environments to perform all tests that are convenient.

Through virtualization it will be achieved through emulate a particular hardware on which to mount a service, or network server program. The servers operate at particularly low levels of use to below 15%. The virtualization software will enhance the use of the latter by four times or more, which means that for a given workload that can be virtualized, the number of physical servers is reduced through such solutions. All this will mean that energy costs will decrease noticeably hardware.

The software costs and staff can be increased, but such increases will be offset by cost savings obtained at the end. The fact that the virtualization solutions are chosen by a large number of users, largely, is because this solution provides a number of key benefits. Without going any further, strengthens the security of desktops and lowers support costs.

Companies are facing a lot of problems granting permissions to users of their computers. The virtualisation, in these cases, makes it possible to centralize desktops on main servers and have the ability to manage these servers remotely. In this way, it will provide users a full desktop experience, allowing IT staff to manage all desktops virtually rather than physically. This will significantly reduce the cost of maintaining desktops.

At the same time reduce the overall costs of hardware. Through virtualization, all desktop applications are run centrally on a remote server. However it is achieved that the equipment used by the users to connect will have a longer period of life. Such costs can be reduced significantly if to access the virtual desktop thin clients, which are cheaper than conventional PCs are used.

As you can see there are many benefits of virtualization to reduce costs in the IT infrastructure of the company.