During his short life Vivaldi has remained an interesting option that does not seek to please all users and be the most used navigator overnight, but has focused on the group of people who want to have most of the possible control over how your browser looks and works .

Its latest version, 1.15, available as of today, allows users to do just that, offering even more control over appearance and functionality. Now, apart from the extensive support of themes they already have, they also allow the user to change the background of the windows .

A browser that lets you change the subject without installing themes

You just need to go to the Vivaldi Options, enter the Appearance section and look for the background settings of the window. There you have a pattern that the browser offers by default, but you can choose any image that you have stored on your computer. It is another way to have different themes of appearance in Vivaldi, without having to install themes .

Other developments include more flexibility to now access your bookmarks. Now in addition to the bookmarks panel, the manager, the bar and the speed dial, you will have access to them from the main menu.

Vivaldi 1.15 also brings a new feature for screen capture utility, now remember the last option selected before restarting the browser. Full-screen mode now allows you to access and hide several additional user interface elements with keyboard shortcuts. And, they have also improved audio management in HTML5.

This version may not be a major update, rarely a new version of Vivaldi is, but constantly every two or three months we have a new batch of small innovations that add more value to the browser and keep it as one of the options most different currently available.