We are in a month of rumors, and everyone, but in this case speak precisely the Xiaomi company is preparing its entry into the world of wearables, to be exact, before the end of this year we should have new -according SmartWatch rumors- one popular brand of China.

This time the information comes from the Twitter account leaksfly, that like the popular Evleaks or Upleaks devote their days to filter information from devices that do not yet see the light. As mentioned in a tweet (no pictures, unfortunately), Xiaomi is working on its first SmartWatch for later this year (November), including the specifications mentioned this lead.

XiaomiHere the Tweet:

After the first publication on the “new” Xiaomi SmartWatch the Twitter account give some more information about the battery capacity and the software would take this possible new wearable:

At the moment this is all the information that has been provided which would be the first SmartWatch brand, nor can we take very seriously and do not talk about something official, but we can speculate about the hardware that describe and behavior Xiaomi market.

Both 512MB of RAM 4GB of ROM can be categorized in what is now the standard of Android smartwatches Wear. Regarding the processor that ride, here we see the Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor Snapdragon lower performance than 400 leading many smartwatches with android wear, but the numbers do not deceive us, if the software is optimized Xiaomi (as they usually do in its smartphones with MIUI), the problem of having a more “small” processor can be bearable and have good results in daily use. This oldest brand processor ensures two things that go towards its manufacturing philosophy, the first is that a less powerful processor device autonomy is increased, and the second is that to be a more “old” version the Snapdragon 400, lower costs, which helps keep a device of less value to the windows, and everyone else know, Xiaomi has earned the affection of the people to deliver great devices, with good hardware at low prices and what we described in the rumor lies within probabilities.

Finally, as always we can only wait and see if we see an image of a plane or manufacturing records a new product by Xiaomi give us some more information on the issue, because it is no longer Xiaomi a stranger in the market, so it is now able to be demanded by customers, and the world of smart watches come rather late, already has quite some time the Xiaomi Mi Band, but this is hardly intelligent band they need to compete with the giants in the industry, and they know it.