If you work regularly generating PDF documents that are later distributed over the Internet, and you do not want anyone to pass your work for yours, then you should try a tool that protects PDFs against copying text. For this, we propose you to use a tool for Windows known as PDF Anti-Copy.

This tool prevents you from being able to select or copy text in a PDF document. It is not the only one, in fact there are many similar programs that work by applying standard security restrictions to PDFs. These restrictions, however, can be eliminated with the appropriate software. This program, however, works somewhat differently.

What PDF Anti-Copy does is use the open source GhostScript reader code and its -dNoOutputFonts feature to replace the text with vector graphics . The page is seen as usual, as if nothing happened, but you can not select text because it is no longer there.

The advantage of using this approach is that it is relatively unusual, and quite difficult to discover at first glance. Of course, as more important it can be said that documents protected with this program can not use the search function of PDF readers: as there is no text, you can not search for anything.

Another problem to consider is the size of the generated documents. In the tests that we have been able to do we have verified that it increases sensibly. We have introduced a PDF of 13 KB, and its size has grown to occupy more than 600 KB.

We must also bear in mind that there is no absolute security, and there will also be ways to avoid this type of protection. You may even be able to recover the original text without problem.

As for how PDF Anti-Copy works, it’s very simple. Just open the program, click on the “Open” button and choose a PDF that we want to protect. When we do it, we will show you the number of pages in a list, from which we can choose all or some of them individually.

By clicking on “Start Now!” the process will begin. It is worth noting that it will take more or less time depending on the size of the document that we want to protect.