In recent times the problem that YouTube has with the contents is becoming more visible . He has it frequently with extremist videos, he has had it a few weeks ago with inappropriate content aimed at children and these last days with the case of Logan Paul. These situation are causing the advertisers to leave little by little and that is why the platform will begin to examine more strictly the content of your first level youtubers.

According to information revealed by Bloomberg, who cites people familiar with this initiative, Google wants to monitor more closely the videos that are part of Google Preferred, a select group of popular YouTube channels whose advertising space is sold to advertisers at lower prices. high

The ‘VIP list’ of channels will be monitored more closely by human moderators and artificial intelligence

Those from Mountain View would have informed their advertising partners that these plans will be carried out using both human moderators, we assume that part of those 10,000 reviewers who announced just over a month ago, and artificial intelligence software. Humans and machines will be in charge of marking the videos that are considered inappropriate for advertisers , with the aim of not repeating episodes like the one suffered by Verizon and AT & T. In March of last year, his advertising appeared along with hate speech .

More guarantees for advertisers

In an identical statement sent to several media, YouTube managers do not confirm the plans that the Bloomberg article explains , but they do assure to listen to their partners to be able to offer them more guarantees.

We have created Google Preferred to help our customers easily reach the most passionate YouTube audiences and we have seen strong traction in the last year with a record number of brands. As we said recently, we are discussing and seeking feedback from our brand partners on ways to offer even more guarantees for what they buy in the ‘upfronts’.

The Upfronts are presentations for advertisers, an annual sales process of the advertising industry where brands are committed to advance purchase part of an inventory of advertising space. These agreements take place in May, generally, and before the upfront of last year YouTube had already been affected by the offensive content , according to the US publication.

Google wants to stop the gradual bleeding of YouTube advertisers

Through this measure, probably desired by many advertisers and by the company itself, YouTube wants to protect the reliability of that group of channels that it promotes as “the most popular among Americans between 18 and 34 years old” and “the most” content. attractive and safe to brand on YouTube. ”

More if possible after one of the members of the same, Logan Paul, starred in a serious controversy that most know to be recorded joking with the body of a man apparently hanged. In a first pronouncement, after days of silence, they assured that they took measures and that you were studying to take more. Hours later, YouTube punishes Logan Paul by canceling his movie and taking it out of Google Preferred.