With winter approaching and storms already rearing their ugly heads up and down the UK, DIYers across the country are checking their supplies of CT1 industrial adhesives. This product is incredibly reliable for a huge number of jobs and emergency repairs and, most importantly in our climate, it can be used in the wet.

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From bathrooms to swimming pools

We all know this CT1 product can be used almost anywhere in the bathroom, that once applied it gives a brilliant white finish to surrounds and joints, that it is totally impenetrable by both by water and bacteria, and that mould is virtually impossible with CT1; however, did you know that you can apply the product and take a shower or a bath straight away? There is no need to wait for it to set, as running water has no effect on it.

This is the primary reason why it makes such a great winter sealant and adhesive. Working outdoors in winter, it is very difficult to get a totally dry work surface that will stay dry until the product sets. CT1 really excels in this environment. One novel application is in swimming pool winter maintenance, as CT1 allows loose tiles to be reattached without fully draining and drying the pool. Even tiles on the bottom of the pool can be reattached if you can get down there. The product is also oblivious to chlorine and other pool water additives.

Showing its stuff in winter repairs

Broken drain pipes and guttering can be a costly nightmare and lead to serious damage if left unattended. This sealant can make repairs as the rain pours. The sudden cracks and fissures around window ledges or doors can also be easily handled in the moment. Almost every surface is suitable for repairs with CT1. It is task such as these that make the product invaluable and one of the most popular items stocked by ct1.

CT1 can also be used in salt water environments, both on land and at sea. There is no need to hold the two or more elements being sealed together while it sets. The time needed to establish a hold is very quick − just press and position and then release. Simply put, this is an excellent all-round winter fixer that no home should be without.