When it comes to giving gifts, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find unique and special items that haven’t been received before. Handmade items are becoming more popular than ever before as we seek to give more personal and sustainable gifts. Here are some reasons why handmade goods make great gifts:

  • It’s tough buying a gift for a person who already seems to have everything they need so by choosing a handmade option, it will be unique and bespoke. There’s no point in wasting money on a gift or trinket that will sit on a shelf or in a cupboard and never see the light of day. At least this option means the recipient will be given something special that can’t be store bought or at least, difficult to obtain, if made by someone else.
  • Buying gifts that are Fairtrade, such as Bolga Baskets from Injabulo means that your recipient will receive a totally unique item that has been handmade with a pattern and colour choice that won’t be replicated elsewhere. Each of the Bolga baskets made in Africa, sold through the Fairtrade scheme, ensures that the person who crafted the item gets a fair price and a good deal too. It’s a win-win!
  • Buying handmade gifts locally also supports local artists and craftspeople which in turn benefits the local economy and supports local business. You’re reducing your carbon footprint by purchasing goods made from locally sourced material and not having shipped half way across the globe.

Why Buying Handmade is Best

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  • Handmade items are more likely to be of a significantly higher quality and crafted to be more durable than a mass-produced, factory made item. Artists and craftspeople take great pride in their work, with hand-picked materials and time and care taken over the item.
  • Objects have greater meaning when you know they were made by hand. Even if you don’t know the person who crafted the item, you know that skill and time were devoted to it and that makes it feel more special and intimate. You gain a deeper connection and appreciation for the skill involved and value the item more as a result.
  • Ethically sourced, handmade goods can be bought online which comes with many benefits. You get to avoid busy, stressful shops and have the gift delivered straight to your door. Alternatively, you can pick up beautifully crafted handmade gifts at local craft fayres, boutiques or markets which are normally much quieter and more pleasant affairs.

Why Buying Handmade is Best 2

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  • Whether you buy Fairtrade or from a local market, it will feel better knowing you have helped to directly put food on that person’s table. Why give your money to the corporate fat cats when you can help an individual to pay their bills or feed their children? With the current global financial problems, the more we help each other on a smaller scale, the better.
  • Your recipient will know that a lot of thought has gone into their gift when they see you’ve chosen a special handmade item and not a generic item from a high street store. They are more likely to treasure your gift and spread the word about the wonders of handmade and Fairtrade.