Grooming is a very important part of dog ownership and is crucial for his looks, health, and for bonding with you, his owner and best friend. It can become quite difficult to do everything at home, especially some of the more specialist techniques, and as a result there is now plenty of specialist help available. Dog grooming in Cheltenham takes it one step further with a doggy spa!

Dog Grooming I

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Nail It

Cutting nails is one the things dog owners fear most – they do not want to hurt their pet, after all. It’s an essential care task that dogs do not enjoy, but needs to be done every month. An expert will know for certain how short is too short, and will be able to make your dog more cooperative.

A Cut Above

Trimming hair is another tricky task and many owners are too nervous to try anything where scissors are involved. Poodles are particularly high maintenance when it comes to hairdressing, but professional groomers will know exactly what style your pooch needs.

A professional will also know what to look for when it comes to fleas and other parasites, maybe in ears that are harder to see to an untrained eye. Similarly, he or she will be able to pick up other potential health problems or early warning signs of impending illness, things such as lumps or lesions, even changes in colour of skin or gums.

Many dog grooming businesses such as Blossoms pet care offer added value services as well, such as dog walking or dog sitting, so your dog can get to know staff and feel comfortable with them.

Products To Meet Your Dog’s Needs

Different people need different things from their grooming products, and the same is true for dogs, even for differences as obvious as long haired and short haired breeds. Dog products are now available for sensitive skin, too.


Regular brushing is important and it’s a lovely time for bonding with your dog. While brushing, some gentle massage can help with the relaxing time together, though be careful not to rub too hard unless you understand anatomy and muscle groups in some detail as you risk pain or injury. As with people, a massage can be a great stress relief.

Time to give your dog’s beauty regime some more attention!