It might be time for you to consider taking more mini-breaks if you are used to working all year long and looking forward to your two-week summer holiday. You can save money by taking multiple short holidays rather than one long holiday. You’ll find out why taking shorter holidays is good for your mental and physical health.

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You can see more places by taking several short trips. Longer holidays are good for immersing yourself into a culture or place. Imagine a weekend trip every month. You could visit 12 different destinations within a year.

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Short Breaks More Action Packed

You’ll be more inclined to do more sightseeing and activities when you spend less time in one place. It makes a short holiday feel longer, and even more rewarding. We tend to procrastinate more on long holidays. This makes the holiday seem shorter when we return to our jobs. A short, action-packed break can make us feel more refreshed and energised.

Limited Luggage

Many people do not enjoy packing for long vacations. Short breaks are great because you can throw a few items into your weekend bag. European destinations can be reached in just a few hours. For information on Greece citizenship by investment, go to

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More Productive

It has been shown that short breaks can boost your productivity and focus. They also act as periods of rejuvenation. People return to work feeling refreshed and ready to work after taking a break from their usual routine and work.

Go at Short Notice

A big vacation requires a lot of planning – you need to plan around your annual leave, and there are also family obligations to consider. Short breaks, however, can be planned within a few hours, and don’t require any disruption to your normal schedule. Pick a destination, grab a weekend bag and go.