For thousands of years, Dartmoor has inspired stories of mysterious happenings and strange events. From fairies, to ghosts to witches and many other unusual events, it is easy to see how this wild landscape can inspire such thoughts.


Even famous writers such as Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie have been entranced by the Dartmoor landscape and have written bestselling books based on the eerie land. During the winter months it is a great place to go out for a walk – get yourself a flask of hot tea and aran sweaters from and head out to explore the mysterious Dartmoor for yourself…


Hairy Hands Bridge – This is one of the more unusual tales of the area which is well known locally. The bridge between Postbridge and Two Bridges is believed to be the spot where a pair of hairy ghostly hands appear and grab a steering wheel or bicycle handlebars and force them from the road. There have been many accidents here throughout the years.

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The Dewerstone – This granite stone near Whistmans Woods stands at over 1000 feet and it is said that the Devil appears here at night with his pack of hounds to chase people away from the top.

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Kitty Jays Grave – This mound in Green lane Natsworthy is said to be the place that a young girl who worked at a local farm committed suicide after becoming pregnant by a local man who then rejected her. She killed herself and her body was buried here. To this day, fresh flowers appear on the top of the grave that are believed to be left there by pixies.