There is so much culture and beauty encompassed in our sculptures and statues here in the United Kingdom that it would take a very long time to visit them and enjoy them all!  From the Shaftesbury memorial Fountain (Eros) in London, to the adorable Greyfriars Bobby terrier dog statue in Edinburgh.  The Titanic memorial in Belfast and the 1952 Robin Hood creation based on the tale of the heroic outlaw who lived in Nottingham Forest.  The several imposing Queen Victoria statues, carved in stone, situated in City hall Belfast, St Georges hall, Liverpool and The Royal burial Ground in Windsor, make her one of the most familiar faces in the Country.

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From Monarchs, to pop idols and footballers, from famous explorers to animals, Wildlife Sculpture, mythical creatures, even random, freely carved abstract shapes.  These sculptures and carvings bring beauty, encompass tragedy, emote memories, make us laugh and reduce us to tears.  Companies such as can provide your very own ornate statue or sculpture.  Even some comedians have been given the honour of having a statue dedicated to their memory.  The hilariously funny Eric Morecambe from the comedy duo Morecambe and Wise has a fitting tribute to his name situated in his hometown of Morecambe.  Showcased in his classic “Skip” position overlooking the sea and wearing binoculars he was unveiled by The Queen in July 1999.  Situated at the entrance to Victoria Tower gardens in Westminster is the bronze representation of Emmeline Pankhurst.  As about 85% of statues represent men it’s only fitting that this one celebrates courageous female leadership in the form of Miss Pankhurst.