Just 40 kilometers from Amsterdam is the beautiful town of Lisse, a place that deserves to see him especially at this time of year. And with the arrival of spring opens Keukenhof, also known as the “Garden of Europe”, a real spectacle of colors, smells and shapes that will leave us with open mouth. And is that keukenhof is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world.

Keukenhof, the most beautiful garden in the worldThis spectacular Keukenhof park covers an area of 32 hectares, with an impressive variety of flowers, many of which are even unknown to most. A unique landscape in which we can enjoy full endless fields of tulips , daffodils, hyacinths and other bulb plants, plus old trees, idyllic lakes and the typical Dutch windmills.

Throughout our journey we will meet themed gardens where admire this explosion of colors. In Keukenhof has combined the natural landscape of the area with areas designed to enjoy a day of relaxation and leisure.

This huge flower park Keukenhof is traversed by a network of canale s that we can go on the famous boat Whispers to enjoy these wonderful golf stripes. You can also choose to take a tour of more than 25 kilometers by bike, making stops in different subject areas. It is highly recommended also climb the windmill to enjoy a panoramic view of this idyllic place, while we had a few strawberries with cream sold in any of the positions Keukenhof.

But there’s more, because one end of this very beautiful garden is one the romantic castle Keukenhof, with its walled garden and farm animals. The only drawback is that you can only visit for two months a year, when flower bulbs. And if we complete the experience, we can always visit the Museum of the Black Tulip in Lisse own town, which invites us to discover the history of tulips.