For the curious, for lovers of mystery, for the brave, for romantics … for those seeking another perspective it is the Toledo Magic. It is a route that meanders through dark alleys, battlements and walls that keep quiet centuries of stories.

We can choose from several ways depending prefer to pick up some history or have a heavy heart. On the trail of houses and haunted places just that. A guide will count the events more strange and supernatural events not only for centuries, but in recent times. It is not historical, but if your passion is the occult this is your way.

Routes through the magical ToledoToledo tour of the Magic

The road to the Grail is a path of historical character shrouded in mystery. Through this route we can approach the Shadow of the Templars. We know that where there is abundant Templar enigma. However, it has always been difficult to trace the Knights Templar by Toledo. But symbols, legends and some other evidence seem to show the presence of the warrior monks.

Route of the Templars in Toledo Magic

The route could begin in the Puerta Llana dela Cathedral, where you can still see marks of stone cutting that, according to some, are Templars. Rodearíamos the Cathedral, which is believed was funded by the Templars, to exit to the outside of the apes, where the Virgin of Tyre. For many it is completely unknown and walk under it without looking up and without thinking that this black and Romanesque virgin could be a missing image Order of the Temple and, somehow, he came at the hands of the Church.

If we walk towards the church of San Miguel we find several more signs Templars. The Plaza de la Cabeza, Callejon del Toro, Hell and the Devil saved many legends indicate that indicate that the Templars left their mark there.

After crossing the streets reach the Plaza del Seco, where we find the House of the Temple. And, although it should not be the only home that the Templars had in that area, yes that is the only one left standing.

The Church of San Miguel el Alto is the building whose architecture still evokes the old order, and that survive in its walls and within them, Templar symbology.

Finally, the Castle of San Servando, which was owned by the Order until 1308 and still whispers old legends.

Other routes for Toledo Magic

Another magical journey is to legends and myths Toledo. In the north of Toledo are many of the places that were a source of inspiration for many novelists and poets. Bordering the most famous monuments Walker will delve into the more obscure corners of the city. The mixture between the hidden historical signs and places this route makes perfect.

An example of this is the famous Cave of Hercules, which carries a curious legend: It is believed that Hercules fathered many descendants who lived in Toledo founded by the son of Zeus. It is also said that built a palace cursed after barring entry to any king, because if he did he and his kingdom would die without remedy. Apparently, Don Rodrigo, the last Visigoth king, decided not to heed the warnings and entered the abode of Hercules. There the monarch found a parchment that warned of the Muslim arrival. After reading it, the palace disappeared under the ground leaving a small cave called the Cave Toledo Hercules, found in the alley of San Ginés.

This and many other stories are waiting. At each stop something to admire and a legend to listen. So you dare to cross the most remote places in Toledo ? Will you have the courage to dive in and find out the unpronounceable dark secrets of the city?Name the characters who practiced magic, which became ghosts and dark that gave rise to legends .