Today we go sightseeing in Scotland. An area of wet weather, comprised of many islands (790 in total), as Britain is presented as a destination with plenty to see and discover. Although part of this land, Scotland has always differed from the English for their own culture and religious tradition. Are you urging to practice tourism in this environment?

The contrast makes gala this place is noted once you pass large cities to natural landscapes that will leave you speechless. And there are only three hundred inhabited islands, the rest are pure natural evolution to enjoy watching and get away from all routine.

Scotland TourismOn the other hand, its rich history is felt through the architectural and artistic records that have left their mark over the centuries, especially in Edinburgh.

What to see in Scotland?

Among the places you cannot miss in Scotland we recommend:

Sites to see in Edinburgh

  • Medieval Castle: Perched on top of a hill, this building dates back to s. XI. One of the most remarkable parts of the site is its impressive fortification. This was where the city of Edinburgh was founded.
  • Carlton Hill: Following in the capital, we stopped at another hill. Nelson circular tower, from which you can admire great views, and a number of monuments of Greco – Roman style preside over this place. Its name comes from that formerly belonged to Baron of Carlton.
  • St. Giles Cathedral: Its facade is nice … but what is really impressive inside. Arched ceilings and representations worth are immortalized. Of course, if you want to take pictures you will have to pay 2 pounds. Admission is free.
  • Portobello beach: It is true that time does not usually accompany, but it’s always good to go to the beach even if it is to walk along the promenade. Fine sand, this coastal area are encouraged in the summer with stalls of all kinds, including recommend the fish and chips.

Sites to see in Glasgow

Another city in Scotland that you cannot miss is Glasgow. Its cathedral, George Square or the great necropolis are some of the nicest places recommended. This ancient burial site was built in the s. XIX in order to repose the bones of the wealthy. For this reason we find here the most spectacular mausoleums.

Sites to see in Stirling

And if you want to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the lakes, make a stop at Stirling. Here you can feel in total peace in either there are more important (Lomond and Airthrey). Also worth visiting castles, abbeys and monuments to various remarkable characters of Scottish history.

As you’ve seen, Scotland has many places to visit, being made up of small islands. It is best to take a car to recorrerte some of the rocky landscapes that would be impossible otherwise.

What to eat in Scotland?

Another way to know the country is through the stomach. Scottish dishes are characterized by a mix of English cuisine and some foreign influence. Soups, fish, meats, fruits and vegetables….. tienen a variety skillfully using to create authentic delicacies. Recommended dishes: Huggies (It’s a spicy and intense flavor normally done based on offal of lamb or sheep dish) Cullen Skink (soup made with smoked haddock, potatoes and onions), Collops (sliced meat) or Crappit Heid (boiled fish heads) among others.

What do you think our tour of Scottish land? Do you dare to visit this region? What do you think this information to practice tourism in Scotland?