Taxco is emerging as one of the alternatives more attempts within travelers looking for a welcoming destination in this Holy Week as it has hundreds of places to visit and learn. This is a brief overview of the most important tourist attractions that you can not miss this Holy Week in Taxco.

Many people take advantage of the long holiday of Easter to meet other popular tourist destinations in Mexico. One revolves around the beautiful city of Taxco, which is emerging as a favorable scenario for these very special events involving the Catholic Church.

Taxco tourist destination for holy week

Attractions in Taxco during Holy Week

One of the religious activities during Holy Week in Taxco has more welcome in the city, has to do with the dramatic processions where an immense crowd of people concurs massively to implore their requests and prayers to images that invade the main street Taxco during Thursday and Friday.

But beyond the traditional ceremonies are usually held around this time, we also have a handful of places we can visit and learn, as the ancient parish noted for its buildings of historical value.

And if churches it is, it is impossible to mention the parishes of Santa Prisca and San Sebastián, a resort for many travelers where the annual procession of Christ of the Holy Burial, a true tradition that has been done since 1600 is commemorated.

On the other hand, Easter Taxco have the square of the Cathedral of St. Nicholas Tolentino, located in the heart of Taxco, where we can enjoy a recreational and inspiring day with your whole family.

But arguably one of the most exciting and reflective moments takes place the night of Holy Tuesday when pilgrimages are scheduled on the streets of Taxco, with songs, processions and sacrifices in honor of Christ crucified.