Perhaps you’ve never been to Turkey, or maybe it’s been a while since you’re last trip? Whether you’ve been before or not, there are dozens of reasons why you should seriously consider Turkey for your 2018 vacation. Here are some of the top ones:

  1. Amazing Beaches

If you’re a beach-lover, then you can’t go wrong with Turkey. Here you’ll find some of the most beautiful beaches, including Bodrum, Izmir and Antalya. From the tree-covered mountains to the crystal blue waters, you’ll discover both seclusion and relaxation and beach parties galore. Patara Beach boasts 18km of soft, white sand and well-known for the sea turtles who visit the beach to lay their eggs.

  1. History

If the past fascinates you, then Turkey won’t disappoint. The country has a rich history, having borne witness to many empires and civilizations. You’ll discover archaeological sites the length and breadth of the land, from palaces and mosques to an underground city and ruins galore.

  1. Baths

Of course, Turkey is famed for its baths and no visit to the country is complete with the unique hamam experience. Imagine the calming, relaxation of being washed, massaged and scrubbed in a traditional Turkish bath surrounded by foamy soap suds.

  1. Shopping

Food shopping is an incredibly enjoyable experience in Turkey. The food here is outstanding enough but shopping for spices in the markets and traditional bazaars is an activity not to be missed. The Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar are the most popular places for tourists to visit and sample the delicacies of this exciting regional cuisine.

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  1. People

Turkey genuinely has some of the most hospitable people anywhere in the world. They will often go the extra mile in showing you around, having a chat and buying you a tea. So, open up and enjoy the warm welcome you’re bound to having waiting for you.

  1. Great Value

Turkey is not an expensive destination, but the choice is yours as to whether you want ultimate luxury or backpacking prices. You’ll find a high quality of food, accommodation and transport at very reasonable prices and the choice to upgrade to luxury style options too. For Holiday villas Turkey, visit

  1. Eating

Your taste buds will be having a party while in your Turkey. The cuisine has amazing flavours, influenced by Asian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking. Experience kebabs, soups, stews, regional breads and a whole host of local dishes. Of course, you’ll also find the more mainstream fast food options and pizza, for example.

  1. Backpacking and Hiking

Turkey is the perfect destination to get off the beaten track. Not only are the landscapes breath-taking but there are a multitude of different hikes which take you through both valleys and diverse rock formations as well. The best part of the country for hiking is undoubtedly the western region, which is also great for taking a dip in the Mediterranean Sea and some bustling city life. Eastern Turkey is ideal for those who want ancient ruins and backpacking adventures.