Stroud accountants can help with accounting needs. Stroud is a market town and parish in the centre of the county of Gloucestershire. It is the main town in the district of Stroud. The town is popular for its steep streets and eccentric culture. Stroud is surrounded by the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Some small surrounding villages include Dursley, Painswick, and Stonehouse. There are parishes around Stroud and are generally considered to be suburbs.

Stroud is known for its involvement in the Industrial Revolution as it was a cloth town. The woollen mills were powered by the small rivers and supplied by the Cotswold sheep. However, a particularly noteworthy thing is the production of military uniform which was in the colour of Stroudwater Scarlet. The town also became known for its production of broadcloth and was traded around the world. There was also a significant Jewish presence in the 19th century, linked to tailoring and cloth industries.


As Stroud was an active industrial and trading location in the 19th century, it needed transport links. It first had a canal network which survived until the early 20th century.


In 1979, several Roman artifacts were recovered in the grounds of a house a mile north of Stroud which suggested the existence of a Roman villa. Some artifacts included tessellated pavements, tiles, coins, and pottery.

A large rectangular enclosure was found at an excavation site in Stonehouse which dated back to 1 AD. Over a dozen human skeletons were unearthed in 2010.

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