The most common reason to add an SSL certificate to your website is to provide security for any password-protected pages, including those created by WordPress or other database-driven sites. The web is full of ill-intended bots that seek out poorly protected login forms to crack into sites and modify their contents or even access membership accounts.

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An SSL certificate keeps these connections secure and encrypts data to keep it from being read over the internet. Websites with SSL certificates show a padlock icon in the URL bar, and they use the HTTPS protocol to transmit data.

Many people feel more comfortable submitting personal information to websites that display these security indicators. For example, 86% of online shoppers say they are more confident in making a purchase on a site that has a green padlock icon and shows ā€œsā€ in the URL.

There are several types of SSL certificates based on their strength, verification process, and cost. Each type has different advantages depending on your business needs. For advice on Web Design Surrey, visit Akiko who supply Web Design Surrey services.

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If you collect any kind of private information from your viewers, such as usernames and passwords for a login or credit card information, an SSL certificate is essential. These certificates can be a good way to boost your SEO efforts as well, since Google rewards sites that have them with better search rankings. They also instill trust in your viewers, who know that their data will be transmitted over a secure connection.