When it comes to planning a wedding there is just so much that goes into it its little wonder that many people take around two years to fully plan and arrange their big day. If you are just starting on your wedding planning journey you are probably thinking, where do I begin?


The first thing that you should do is book the venue. This means that you can set a date and have that to work towards. When you are planning a wedding, choosing the right venue for you can feel la little daunting so here are some of the things to bear in mind when you are looking for that perfect place…

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Your venue sets the tone for your wedding – If you want a casual and relaxed sort of a day a Kent barn wedding like this https://theploughatleigh.com/barn-wedding-venue-kent/ is ideal, but if you want something more formal look for a historic building or stately home. The venue will influence not just the tone of the day but also the dress, the food and the décor.

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The number of guests that you want to invite to your wedding is also something that you need to think about here, as you don’t want to cram people in, but you also want to make sure that you haven’t hired a huge place which looks empty!


Travel to and from your chosen venue is also a factor – will you provide transport if it is far away from where people live? Will you provide overnight accommodation? Factor in how easy it will be for people to get there.