The pressures on wedding photographers are many, but throw bad weather into the mix and the challenge becomes even more difficult. So how can wedding photographers cope when the weather threatens to derail the big day?

Dealing with bad weather weddings

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Being prepared

Photographers have little control over the key factors that determine much of the day but are expected to work with them nonetheless.

Take the venue, for example. With nearly 75% of couples choosing to wed in churches, castles and hotels, the news for wedding photographers is quite good. Venues such as these can be accessed beforehand in order to plan a full itinerary in the event of poor weather and this is something photographers should really take advantage of.
But what about the other 25%? Couples should not be put off celebrating outdoors or in an unusual location, but they are best advised to seek the assistance of professionals, because experience is crucial in event planning. Ceremonies can vary in type and size, so if you’re looking for something different why not look at unusual venue hire Taunton? The County Ground, one of Somerset’s leading Wedding venues ( is set in the county cricket ground. It will make for a very memorable occasion and with the right local photographer, will provides some superb photos too!

Rain, rain go away

Issues such as the infamous British rain. For a wedding photographer this can mean water damage to equipment, fogging as guests move from outside to inside and misty lenses. None of these make capturing memories easy, but they can be managed.

Having more filters than needed can keep the process of photography running smoothly as can some forward planning. For example, having a separate camera ready and waiting in each and every section of the venue – both indoor and outdoor – can avoid the wait as equipment acclimatises from the wet conditions to dry.

Cold comfort

With the British weather as unpredictable as it is, it is little surprise that more and more couples are choosing to wed abroad. But for those who choose to brave the cold from Inverness to Bournemouth photographer choice can mean that even freezing conditions won’t ruin the day.

Experienced photographers will know to carry extra batteries and all the tricks to keep the cold from getting to the guests. Practise, preparation and plenty of good humour will get both the couple and the photographer through whatever the weather throws at them!