Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful events in your life, right up there with moving house, changing job and dealing with bereavement. It is therefore very important to get the venue right and here are some ideas to help you through the process:

The perfect wedding venue

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1.Set a budget

Make sure you have a figure that you are comfortable spending and stick to it. There will always be added extras you could have, but are they necessary? Eliminate non-essentials and extravagant extras if you can’t afford them, and don’t let the venue corner you into spending more. You are in charge. Negotiate discounts wherever possible; for example, could you get married on a less popular day of the week?

2. Decide on your theme, if you are having one

This may help you to decide on the type of venue you want to look at from the outset.

3.Look for a venue with the ‘wow’ factor

Visit the venue a couple of times to ensure it is going to be right for you and your guests on the day. If you are having the ceremony and the reception in the same place, it makes a big difference if the venue feels special.

4.Consider how much space you need

Is the venue big enough for the ceremony, for the reception and for people to mingle away from the crowd if they want to? Does it have outdoor space? Is there a nice area for photo shoots? Is there enough room for children to run around during the day without annoying people? Is there accommodation locally for family and friends who may want to stay over? Is there enough parking for your guests? Will the bride and bridesmaids be getting ready at the venue? If so, will there be room for hairdressers and makeup artists such as, which provides wedding makeup in Belfast?

5.Decide how much involvement you want

Do you want to have total control over the whole day, planning everything yourself right down to the last detail, or are you happy to leave things to a wedding planner? Alternatively, does your venue have someone you could liaise with who will help you to organise the event and take some of the strain? The latter option could be a good happy medium.