If you’re planning a construction project, there are many decisions to be made and this will undoubtedly include which bricks to use. Here are some of the common brick types used in the UK:

Facing Bricks – Facing bricks are those that show on the exterior of a building so need to be aesthetically pleasing. They might also be used for feature walls. They offer great weather resistance which is essential in our damp climate! Made from clay, they are either mass produced in a column for consistency or fired in a kiln for a reclaimed look.

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Common Bricks – These are the most basic of bricks, for jobs where looks aren’t important. They can be inconsistent colours so best used for internal or shared walls, for example. These bricks are usually made with a standard clay mix and have render applied to them. When you need Builders Bristol for your next project, contact a site like mogfordprescott.co.uk/builders-bristol

Engineering Bricks – This type of brick is made for ultimate strength as they will be used in foundations, tunnels and underground construction work. They must have good compressive strength and be resistant to cold and wet conditions. Damp proof and chemical resistant, these dense bricks have two classes with differing load bearing capabilities.

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Air Bricks – These bricks have a series of small holes through them which are used to provide ventilation in construction, stoves and heaters, for example. They are commonly found in suspended floors and cavity walls to reduce the risk of damp and moisture build up.