Thinking about getting started with banner advertising but need some convincing? Check out these six advantages of banner advertising and you’ll see why this is one the most effective ways to get creative with your ad campaign and to start engaging with potential customers.

Banner ads are highly visible. They often occupy the first section of a website, which is where they have the best visibility.


Despite the high quality of banner ads, they are far more cost-effective than other forms of digital advertising. This includes email advertising, which while cheap to maintain, can be costly when it comes to obtaining addresses. It’s also much cheaper than creating video ads and is cost-effective when compared to traditional advertising in print or on TV.

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Flexible Pricing

Because banner ad space is available at all kinds of sites and can also come in a range of sizes, the pricing is very flexible. This makes it easy to get started in banner advertising, whatever your budget.

Allows for Creativity

The dawn of HTML5 banner ads allowed experts like to really get their creative juices flowing. That’s because this advanced web coding allows for ads to be embedded with audio, visual and other multimedia elements.

Click-through Rate

HTML banner ads can also be embedded with links to your site, which is why the click-through rate is infinitely higher than it is with other forms of advertising.

Can be Consistent with Brand

Banner advertising works because it’s really easy to make it consistent with your general online brand marketing. Good banner advertising will therefore help with creating an online brand identity.

From cost-effectiveness to creativity and building an effective brand identity, these are just six of the many advantages there are to banner advertising.

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