The practice of Crossfit supposes a functional training, for that reason, most of the exercises used in this discipline involve the average zone of the body. However, the seven best Crossfit exercises for working the abdomen are the following:

L-sit or isometric in L

This movement consists in placing the body in the “L” position, with an upright trunk and legs extended perpendicular to it, but remaining in suspension, with the hands as the only support.

In this movement the abdomen must contract all the time like other muscles of the body to be able to hold the position and not to fall.

We can perform the exercise on the ground, in parallel or in rings. This last option that runs on an unstable surface is, of course, the most intense of all.

Roll to candlestick

It is a complete movement that requires the effort of the rectus major of the abdomen to a great extent, since both its upper and lower portion will be worked intensely with its practice.

The roll to candlestick begins standing with your back to a mat that is on the floor and with your arms extended above your head.

Start the exercise by lowering the hip with a deep squat to sit on the mat, then extend back and arms in it and raise the feet and hips to form a “roll” with our body. Continuously we sit down again and with the help of the arms extended in front of the body we stand up to finish in the initial position.

We could also do it on one leg, that is, descend with one leg resting on the ground, performing a pistol squat for it and standing up to do it with only one foot as support as well.

Kettlebell swing or swing with kettlebell

The swing with kettlebell is a great exercise to work cardio and in addition, request the effort of different muscles of the mid-body area that stabilize the same while running the swing.

It is done standing, with a Russian weight held with both hands in front of the body that begins to swing, slightly flexing the knees and tilting the torso erect forward. The kettlebell must pass below the hip and between the legs and then in front of the torso and above the head. Always with the same impulse and with extended arms.

There are many variations of the swing that we can make so that the abdomenand the entire middle area must contract in an attempt to stabilize the body.

Toes to bar or feet to the bar

In a fixed bar of pull-ups, we can execute this movement that requires that the whole body be in suspension of the same, by means of the prone grip of the hands, separated little beyond the width of the shoulders.

Starting a swing with legs back and chest forward, we make the opposite movement so that we can bring our backs back and legs up and forward of the body so that the feet touch the bar as we previously said.

It is essential in this exercise that the greater rectus abdominus contract as well as the internal and external obliques so that the legs can rise up to reach the bar.

This movement can be done in other directions, for example by raising the feet on the sides of the body to work more obliquely.

Hollow rocks or rolling in hollow

The exercise consists of rolling, lying on a mat, placing the body in a hollowed out position, that is, with the middle or lower back resting on the floor but the feet, head and arms raised slightly.

Legs and arms should be extended at all times and the body should move as a whole, swinging back and forth repeatedly.

For that, muscles of the middle area will be contracted and inside these, the rectum of the abdomen, external and internal obliques .

Russian twist or Russian twists

This is, in my opinion, one of the best exercises to work the abdomen while burning calories, since it requires a coordinated and agile movement of our body.

Sitting on a mat, with a medicine ball, a kettlebell or a heavy dumbbell held with both hands in front of the chest, we tip the trunk slightly back to 45° and take off the feet from the floor, with the knees bent so that the buttocks are the only support of the body.

From there, we start the exercise by turning the trunk towards one side and the other side of the body , trying to get the weight as close as possible to the ground with each turn.

With this exercise we work the rectus major of the abdomen but above all, the oblique abdominals.

Flutter kicks or legs flapping

Without more equipment than our body we can perform this exercise that starts lying on your back, with arms extended by the sides of the body and hands under the buttocks.

The lower back will be resting all the time on the ground, but to execute the movement we need to raise the head and feet. With these we will perform a vertical flutter, raising one foot while we lower the other and when it goes down we raise the opposite. So many times.

The greater rectus abdominis, and especially subumbilical portion will contract to maintain the position and stabilize the body while we perform the flapping of the legs that also requires the participation of the obliques of the abdomen.

As we have said, in crossfit practice the abdomen will always intervene and we will request your work in different movements, however, these are the seven best Crossfit exercises to work the abdomen that you can put into practice if you want to see results.